Year 6


Monday 12th September 2016


Dear Parents/Guardians We would like to welcome you all to Year 6.


We are looking forward to a hardworking, enjoyable, happy and productive year. Our aim is to ensure that your child has many exciting, creative and challenging learning experiences. We will be working hard to consolidate and extend their knowledge, skills and understanding across all areas of the curriculum. We have had an excellent first week back and have already hit the ground running! Attached is an overview of what we will be learning about this term. Our new theme is ‘Look out in the Blackout!’ and many of the subjects will be taught through this. This will include learning all about life in Liverpool during the Second World War. The children will be researching various aspects including evacuation, rationing, the changing role of women and the Blitz. We will be creating our own persuasive posters to encourage improving our environment and looking at many war time propaganda posters. Children will be designing and creating their own wartime shelters. We will be reading Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian and some extracts from The Diary of Anne Frank. The children will also be recreating the sights and sounds of the Blitz using dance, drama, music and ICT. We have started to read a new novel called Wonder by R. J. Palacio – I will hold back from saying much more on this as I want the children to experience the story with an open mind but I hope that the children enjoy sharing their responses, opinions and feelings with you as we move through the novel. We will move towards teaching mathematics using the Singapore approach this year and will focus on place value and calculation this term. During Come and See we will explore the topics of Loving, Sources and Expectations. The children have been set a reading homework project (additional information attached) which we hope will encourage them to study a novel of their own choosing in more depth. You may like to guide your child on selecting a suitably challenging and engaging novel. Each Friday they will be expected to bring in a piece of work based on an aspect of their novel and the project will culminate in a presentation which we eagerly look forward to!


This term children will need P.E. kits each Wednesday.


In order to enrich our learning, we have arranged the following educational enhancements:

year 6 enrichment program for 2016

Please feel free to come and speak to either myself, Miss Kendrick or Mr Woods if you have any questions or concerns. Kind regards, Mrs O’Keefe, Miss Kendrick, Mr Woods & Miss Ogden


Year 6 Homework Autumn term 1.1

 This half term we will be focusing on reading for homework and completing a class homework project. Each child will be required to select a book (fiction) that they have not read before to read over the next half term. This book should be sufficiently long and challenging enough for their ability. Each week there will be a short activity to be carried out at home. This will need to be handed in each Thursday to be marked. The children will be working towards creating a presentation to present to the class towards the end of this half term – hopefully promoting the stories that they have been reading. Children should aim to read each night and if they finish the story early they could try another story from the same author.

Week 1 (due Friday 16th September) Select a suitable story, read the blurb and study the images. Use this information to make some predictions about what will happen in the story.

Week 2 (due Friday 23rdth September) Make a list of the characters that have appeared in the story so far. Choose two and write and draw character descriptions for them.

Week 3 (due Friday 30th September) Research the author of the story. Write their biography including important dates and information about their early life.


St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School

‘Connected Curriculum’

Medium Term Plan Year 6 – Autumn Term




Careers Carousel

Year 6 kick started the new academic year by hosting a Careers Carousel organised by Liverpool Compact. We were joined by representatives from lots of different companies including Liverpool Mutual Homes, Vets 4 Pets, Actavis Biologics, Disclosure & Barring Service (CRB), ORIGAMI , Asda and Merseyside Traffic Police. The children had previously researched each company and had the opportunity to interview each representative. In response to this, our children are now much more informed about the world of work and the endless options they have when they leave school. We have extremely high hopes in our class with children aspiring to be pilots, sporting heroes, scientists, teachers, architects, doctors, artists and designers.   The children made a huge impact on the visiting representatives and here are some of their comments: “It was my first time at the school and I really enjoyed myself. The children were a credit to the school. I hope they learnt about what I do.” Carmel Russell – Liverpool Mutual Homes   “Very worthwhile!” Elaine Nolan – Vets 4 Pets   “The event was well run and very enjoyable. The children were polite and friendly.” Jim Rodriguez – Actavis Biologics   “The best Monday morning I’ve had for a long while. The children were well prepared, interested and a pleasure to speak to.” Paul Hannant – Fawley Construction   “Great school, very polite children.” Wyn Jones – Actavis Biologics   “All the children were very polite and had lots of great questions. They were all interested and keen to find out about working at ASDA.” Richard Gowan – ASDA Huyton   “The pupils were very well spoken and very prepared. They were a credit to the school.” Andy O’Neill – Disclosure & Barring Service (CRB)   “Children had some good questions and were all well prepared. Well done to all! Austen Lloyd – Disclosure & Barring Service (CRB)   “Some fantastic questions from the children. Great set up as usual from Liverpool Compact.” Liam Hughes – Stuart Gelling International (SGI)   “Children were well prepared for the event.” Rachael Judge – Merseyside Police   “It was so rewarding being able to share information with the children and tell them things about the company they didn’t know. It was interesting hearing questions the children liked to ask about different topics.”Victoria Kinder – Moving on with life & learning (MOWLL)   “The pupils were delightful – wakening the spirit. Polite and well turned out. I would be prepared for the school to visit my workshop.” Barbara Ainsworth – ORIGAMI


International Slavery Museum

  This half-term Year 6 has been learning all about the International Slave Trade and the impact that it has had upon the world in which we live in today. The children have gained great insight from reading the diaries of Olaudah Equiano. To enhance their learning we spent the day at the International Slavery Museum; this included a full tour and participation in a human rights workshop. 


School Officers and House Captains

  To celebrate the hard work and dedication shown by our School Officers and House Captains so far this term, we enjoyed an afternoon of hot chocolate and cake.


Visiting Poet

  To enhance our English unit of poetry we invited published poet, Rachel Rooney into our class. She shared some of her poems with us and even worked with us to create a shared class poem. Parents – the children have taken home signed copies of one of Rachel’s books so please ask them to share some of her incredible poems with you.      


Nonsense Poetry

  We enjoyed a fantastic day at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall watching Michael Rosen perform many of his awe inspiring poems. Once we returned to school, the children worked hard to collaboratively create their own nonsense poems to perform for the class.      


Year One Buddies

  Now that we are the most mature children in our school, we enjoy serving as role models for the younger children. Recently we have been supporting Year One with reading, drawing, writing and ICT.