Catholic Life

Missionary Sisters of Charity

Every Wednesday afternoon, some of our Reception children attend the Missionary Sisters of Charity on Seel Street. Here the children have the opportunity to learn about and explore the Catholic faith through practical activities, playing and storytelling. The children love this time of the week and enjoy using the resources and equipment which help them to understand and enjoy some of the key teachings of Catholicism.

Parish Food Bank
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World Teacher’s Day

Mrs Salters and Mrs Foy both received an invitation from the Jha family (from Atharva – Year 2 and Aditi – an ex-pupil) to attend a World Teacher’s Day celebration in the Hindu faith on Sunday 6th October 2016. They were chosen as gurus (spiritual teachers) and shared a 2 hour ceremony with Hindu parents from our community. We were described as being spiritual teachers who guide their children from the ‘darkness into the light’.

They had a fantastic day!

Both Mrs Foy and Mrs Salters were honoured to have been asked to take part. Following on from this, Atharva’s Mum is going to visit our Year 2 class to celebrate the Hindu faith with the children as part of our other faith week, focusing on Hinduism, in November.