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 *Please find coronavirus updates and guidance below* 

Mrs L Salters

Welcome to our school website which offers an insight into the life and working of our school. St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School has a long and proud tradition of serving the maritime parish of St. Vincent de Paul.

Our school follows the tradition of our patron as it places Christ at its centre as our community works to create an environment in which Gospel values are lived out and encapsulated in our Mission Statement of “Serving with Love, Striving for Excellence.”

*Coronavirus Update and Guidance – Saturday 21st March 2020*


Please read below for further information regarding Childcare Hubs for key workers.


Dovedale Primary School has released the following information with regards to the procedures for accessing Childcare Hubs. Please note that staff from St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School will be located at Pleasant Street Primary School on Monday 23rd March.


Dovedale Primary School is now a Childcare Hub for key workers as defined by Liverpool City Council on the link below:

Please check the criteria carefully to ensure that you qualify as a key worker. If you have an adult at home even if you are a key worker your child must stay at home.

If you qualify for a place in a hub we are open on Monday 23 March from 9am to 4pm prompt.

If you are planning to bring your child/ren to us please understand and be prepared for the following:

– when you arrive at school for the first time you will be required to complete a registration form which includes contact details, emergency contacts, medical info, allergies, dietary info, SEND needs etc. If your child currently attends Dovedale you will still be required to complete a form.  BE AWARE THIS COULD TAKE TIME ON MONDAY.

– your child needs to come in their own clothes with suitable coats to go outside.

– children are not permitted to bring any electronic equipment or mobile phones.

– provide your child with a packed lunch but on Monday 23rd all children who attend will get a free hot meal. Following this parents can pay for a hot lunch; information to follow from the Hub.

– your child will be in a childcare environment, they will be playing games, doing craft activities, being outside etc. This is not an educational environment. 

– your child needs to follow and respond to the Hub’s behaviour guidance; as it would be in the school they are currently enrolled in. The setting has the right to refuse entry to any child who does not follow the expectations of the Hub.

– parents will be asked to wait in a designated collection area when dropping off and collecting from the Hub to ensure the health of the staff.

– any child who is unwell will be sent home as quickly as possible.


We will be receiving an update from the Local Authority on a daily basis in response to local and national guidance. This will be updated on this page.

There are 50 HUBS across the City, you can use the one which is best for you.

Below are links to national guidance and advice: 

Closure of educational setting guidance for parents

You can  follow Liverpool’s response to the Coronvirus on Twitter and Facebook

Liverpool City Council website updates

Support for families who are entitled to free school meals

If you feel unwell you are encouraged you use the following NHS website rather than ringing 111 straight away

Please be aware that we will not accept any unacceptable behaviour from any Parents or Carers. This is a national crisis and we have been requested to respond to this; remember we are all in this together!

*Coronavirus Update and Guidance – Friday 20th March 2020*

AROUND 50 hubs to look after primary age children of key workers in Liverpool will open on Monday 23 March.


It follows the Government’s decision to close schools later today until further notice, as part of the response to coronavirus.

The strategically located school sites are only for primary age pupils whose parents are key workers and have no other safe childcare available to them, and will initially be open from 9am until 4pm.

Parents of primary school children who are eligible are asked to take their child to the nearest site which is convenient for them on Monday, where there will be staff available to receive them.

There will be no provision for secondary school pupilsbut secondary schools are identifying vulnerable children and will be proactively contacting those parents directly to see if they need any support.

The city’s five nursery schools – Abercromby Nursery School; Chatham Place Nursery School; East Prescot Road Nursery; Ellergreen Nursery School and Everton Nursery School – are remaining open and will accept children of key workers who have no other available childcare.

Some special schools will be open – Palmerston School; Princes Primary School; Hope School; Sandfield Park School; Woolton High School; Redbridge; Milstead; Abbotts Lea  and Bank View – and will be in touch with parents regarding their capacity to support children.

The list of key workers is:

·         Social workers, care workers, health and social care staff and those required to maintain the sector

·         Teachers, specialist education professionals and nursery staff

·         Staff essential to the operation of the justice system

·         Staff involved in the management of the deceased

·         Administrative staff in local government essential to the delivery of the COVID-19 response

·         Staff delivering essential public services such as payment of benefits

·         Staff involved in the distribution of food or other key goods

·         Police and police support staff

·         Fire and rescue staff and support staff

·         Transport workers

·         Utilities workers

·         Probation staff

·         IT staff necessary to support COVID-19 response

·         Payment providers

·         Waste disposal service presumably including refuse collection


In addition, other workers described include:


·         Armed forces personnel

·         MoD civilian staff and contractors

·         National Crime Agency

·         Border security

·         National security staff

·         Religions and charity staff

·         Journalists and broadcasters


The list of hubs is:


·         Arnot St Mary, Arnot Street, L4

·         All Saint’s Catholic Primary, Oakfield, Anfield

·         Anfield Road Primary School, Anfield Road, Anfield

·         Banks Road Primary, Banks Road, Garston

·         Barlows Primary School, Barlows Lane, Fazakerley

·         The Beacon Church of England Primary, Heyworth Street, Everton


*Coronavirus Update and Guidance – Wednesday 18th March 2020*

Families with FSM children who are in self-isolation and require assistance to purchase food, please apply to the Liverpool Citizens Support Scheme. The scheme is to assist citizens, who may be vulnerable and on a low income, where they are unable to meet their short term subsistence needs.
Families will need to use their social networks for someone to obtain the food for them. Plans are in track to develop a community volunteer scheme to support families who have no available social network. Additional information will follow in due course.  Please contact school if you fall into this category.

*Coronavirus Update and Guidance – Tuesday 17th March 2020*

Message from Steve Reddy, Director of Children and Young People’s Services

Dear children, young people, parents/carers and families,
Following my letter yesterday the government has now announced a number of additional measures. It is important that we all continue to follow the guidance set out by the Government and DfE and make the necessary changes. Whilst schools remain open some planned activities will inevitably be cancelled. Schools may well restrict all but essential visitors on to the site. We will be speaking to Public Health England to consider the implications for children and staff with significant health needs. Anyone who has high temperature/fever and/or new persistant cough will be required to self-isolate at home for 14 days along with anyone in their household. We are very grateful for the continued support of all school staff, children, young people and families as we manage these difficult times. It is important that we continue to work together and support one another.
Best wishes,
Steve Reddy
Director of Children and Young People’s Services.

*Coronavirus Update and Guidance – Monday 16th March 2020*


The Associate Director of Public Health – Health Protection (LLC) has provided the following current key messages:

  • Children should be kept at home for 7 days if they are unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature to avoid spreading infection to others. Otherwise they should attend school as normal.
  • Guidance about staying at home is available here:
  • The Department for Education is not currently advising against domestic trips (residential and non-residential) for children under 18 organised by educational settings.
  • Further information and guidance including informative posters and other resources can be accessed through the eBug website.


This page will be updated as and when school receive any updates or changes to the guidance that has been provided to schools.

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