Anti Bullying

Welcome to the Anti Bullying page! Here you will find information about what bullying is, what we do to prevent it at our school and ways we promote positive emotional wellbeing.

What is bullying? We asked the different areas across the school to define what bullying is. Their definitions can be found here. Foundation Stage. “A bully is someone who makes us sad and scared every day. Make friends not bullies.” Key Stage One. “Bullying is hurting another person on purpose more than once…So you can be a good friend by being kind in what you say and do.” Key Stage Two. “Bullying is when a person or group of people physically or verbally mistreats or hurts others including through any form of social media which is deliberately repeated over time.” How do we try and prevent it?

  • Trained Playground Buddies for Key Stage One and Two.

A group of children from Key Stage Two who are trained by the St John’s Play Project to help with the younger children to play games with the children. They have also been taught different strategies on helping the children who may find it difficult to make and maintain friendships.

  • Gather in Circle – ‘Self Worth’

Circles looks at all the demands being placed on today’s children (inside and out of school) – equipping them with reusable tools that build resilience to these pressures. Focusing on resilience, well-being, growth and self-worth, helping the children to understand their own areas of strength and difficulty, showing them how to find balance, look after themselves, become resilient take control and get excited about their future, mapping the route to self worth and success.

  • Come and See Religious Education Programme.

Our Religious Education programmes supports Christian values and helps us identify the right and wrong rooted in the teachings of the bible.

While the emotional aspects of bullying continue to be devastating, the internet and social media have changed the way children experience bullying. We’re here to help you prepare them for what they might encounter online and deal with cyber-bullying should it happen.

Click the link to read our SVP Behaviour Anti-bullying Policy 2019