Mission Statement

“Serving with Love, Striving for Excellence”

Ubi Caritas et amour deus ibi est

Our Catholic School exists to create and sustain an environment which has Christ and His teachings at its very heart.  It is based on the belief that everything of worth comes from God and by working in partnership with priests, parishioners and our families, we can establish a community of love, peace and harmony between all in a climate of mutual trust and openness.

We encourage our children to develop their academic potential and individual talents, giving all children confidence and self-esteem through praise, encouragement and acceptance of their worth.


To be a Christian family, celebrating our Catholic identity as a lived reality from the inside out, sustained by gospel witness – the impact of which pervades our entire community.


Curriculum, ‘the real substance of education’ is the driver for every task, every action undertaken in our school.

Our key objective is to provide an outstanding Christian education, rich in content, accessible and motivating – an education that is intentionally directed to the growth of the whole person, fostering a love for wisdom and truth, integrating faith, culture and life.

We trust that we provide a firm grounding in the Catholic faith where gospel values guide the children in their formative years through:

Faith: creating a happy, peaceful and stimulating school, illuminated by the light of faith, where each child knows that they are special and cherished –

  • valuing the talents, gifts, endeavours and successes of everyone in our whole school community
  • nurturing the intellectual, physical, mental, social, spiritual and moral growth of our children so that they feel secure and valued, are treated with dignity and respect and reflect these characteristics in responding or giving to others they meet
  • fostering, encouraging and celebrating our children’s experiences, beliefs and faith through daily prayer, worship, liturgy, reflection and contemplation and the Come and See religious education programme
  • celebrating and promoting British values – developing our children’s understanding of diversity in others’ lives, cultures, faiths and beliefs – recognising, respecting and celebrating the differences in and between each other

Hope: believing that this is larger than our imaginations, its purpose extending far beyond our comprehension –

  • preparing our young people to open themselves more and more to reality and to become strong responsible citizens of the local and global community, reaching out into the world
  • providing support for a ‘growth mindset’ towards all learning experiences – knowing that through effort, strategies, facing challenges and learning from mistakes they forge ahead towards unknowable potential
  • committing to our teachers’ use of cutting edge evidence and research-based practices – empowering them to make independent, informed decisions about what works and, alongside bespoke continual professional development, using it thoughtfully to improve our children’s outcomes
  • offering a wealth of exciting and magical experiences beyond the classroom that enhance and enrich our children’s learning, well-being, curiosity and imagination

Love: believing each child is created in the image and likeness of God with a spiritual destiny to fulfil –

  • promoting love and respect for themselves, others, God and His world
  • instilling confidence and a sense of self-worth through praise, encouragement and the message about how unique and inspirational our children are
  • being positive role models who treat each other equally and fairly to work together for the good of all
  • forging a school community that demonstrates and models tolerant and moral behaviour and attitudes
  • inspiring our youngsters to be ambassadors for their school, representing and promoting this at every opportunity

Courage: forming strong and responsible individuals, capable of making free and correct choices, taking chances, being brave and adventurous –  ‘we are all heroes-in-waiting’

  • through our ‘Golden Rules’ and KiVa school status, we strive to create a calm, stable, accepting learning climate
  • laying the groundwork for our children’s adult responsibilities and fostering not only the cause and effect relationship of actions but, alongside the vision of KiVa, supporting the children in finding their inner strength in honesty, daring, compassion, humility and integrity

Justice: instilling in all an appreciation of human dignity, equality and empathy,

  • through the global dimensions of our connected curriculum, enabling our children to grow up to be citizens of the future – aware of the wider world and, with a sense of their own role as a world citizen, respecting and valuing diversity; being willing to challenge the status quo and to act to make the world a more equitable place

Service: the commitment to using whatever gifts we have received to serve others – understanding that everything in life is about being a part of something bigger than yourself –

  • never tiring of doing the little things as no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted
  • encouraging our children to be the best that they can be, using their untold gifts and talents to carve a space and find their own unique place in their world to come
  • ensuring parents are in the strongest position to help with their child’s learning – building communication step by step, stage by stage, year by year – engaging families in the learning process from the very beginning
  • working closely with our governors as they continue to seek the very best outcomes for all our pupils through strategic planning, targeted questioning and insightful guidance
  • in acknowledging that the global dimension is also on our doorstep, establishing mutually beneficial links with other schools, school families and alliances and continuing to forge ever-stronger partnerships within our exciting, new, parish family in becoming the ‘mission hub’ of our local and wider community…

‘Serving with Love, Striving for Excellence’