Pupil Premium


The Pupil Premium is an allocation of funding, in addition to main school funding, which schools receive according to the number of children in specific groups. Schools receive Pupil Premium funding for:

• children who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years

• children who are looked after (they are in Local Authority Care)

• children adopted from care and children who have left care under a Special Guardianship or Residence Order

• children recorded as ‘ever 4’ service child or are in receipt of a child pension from the ministry of defence

The government awards this funding to help raise achievement for these children. National data shows that as a group, children in these groups have consistently lower educational achievement than those who are not in these groups. It is up to local schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, but this funding should be used to support these children. All schools are required to publish, on their websites, what funding they have received and how the money is being used.

Executive Summary

Diminishing differences: We believe that every child, no matter their condition in life, is entitled to an outstanding education provided by excellent teachers who are passionate about their progress, attainment and preparation for the broader world.


To continue to provide a world-class education for all of our children, paying specific attention to those that are entitled to the pupil premium.

Key Priorities

1 – To continue to raise the attainment and progress of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding

2 – To reduce educational inequity in education for pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding


1High quality ‘first teaching’ Ensuring that the learning throughout the school day is of the highest quality and having considerable impact on every pupil, especially those eligible for Pupil Premium

2Enrichment Developing a diverse and broad range of curriculum enhancements, including access to programmes and activities that bring the curriculum to life

3 – The Extra Mile To go as far as required to support every child to succeed in school, through programming, staffing and resourcing, while developing and leading change to the educational environment to ensure that every child leaves our school happy, confident and conscientious, ready to fulfill their potential

Our Approach

St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School aims that every child:

1 – Gets a world-class education delivered by passionate, innovative and creative professionals

2 – Uncovers the best part of themselves and others through our diverse curriculum and curriculum enrichment opportunities

3 – Develops excellent social and emotional skills that they will use to participate fully in the broader world

4 – Becomes the best that they can possibly be

The aim of our use of Pupil Premium funding is to increase the progress, attainment and enjoyment of school life of all of these children, even if they are already performing above national expectations.

Key Priorities

1 – To raise the attainment and progress of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding so that:

a) They have better attainment and progress than the national average for PP children

b) They have better attainment and progress than the national average for all children (both PP and non-PP)

c) They make expected or more than expected progress

d) There is no difference within the school between the progress made by PP children and their non-PP class mates

e) Any gaps that exist between PP and non-PP children close over time

2 – To address any inequalities in education of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium in order to:

a) enhance progress

b) raise attainment

c) increase enjoyment and participation in school life

Using the funding

Our belief, supported by research evidence, (e.g. from The Sutton Trust, John Hattie, Michael Barber) – demonstrates that the quality of teaching and learning is the most important factor in the achievement of all pupils. This is particularly true for pupils from less affluent backgrounds – if the teaching and learning is of the highest quality it will have the biggest positive effect on these pupils.

This remains a consistent and relentless focus of the school – we call this strand ‘Quality First Teaching’. This the focus of our staff training, led and supported from the senior leadership team with the teachers and support staff’s work focusing on this during the normal school day.

While we know that enriching classroom experiences are paramount in the primary learning journey, we also know that providing enhancements and enrichments to the curriculum are just as important. Experiencing the broader world is an important factor before joining it. We call this strand, ‘Enrichment’.

In addition to this, for children who need more time and/or support to ensure they fulfill their potential (which may be for a multitude of reasons), additional targeted intervention and support strategies are provided – we call this strand ‘The Extra Mile’.

In the 2018-19 cycle, St Vincent’s is expecting to receive £108 080 of Pupil Premium Funding.

Total Number of Pupils on Roll: 237

Total Number of Pupils Eligible for Pupil Premium: 77


Please click here for the Pupil Premium Strategy 2019/20